28 September 2011

Nova Scotia Snow Ball, with studio staff

If cute cat pictures make you throw-up, stop reading now.

My assistant helps me baste a quilt.

Nothing exciting going on, just some images of a recent quilt. Pattern is Snow Ball as interpreted by quiltmakers in Nova Scotia, from a Dover publication, Nova Scotia Patchwork Patterns, by Carter Houck.

We do like natural fibers.

The blue print material is a 36" -wide vintage fabric, with Regulated Cotton Never Misbehaves printed on the selvedge, as well as the name of this particular design, Marina. I love the cadet blue, with its gray tones.

Finally, cat-free. Batik border.

I've been quilting away, while listening to Alexander McCall Smith's The Double Comfort Safari Club audiobook. The rhythm of read-aloud seems to help ensure controlled, even hand stitching.

All quilted but the border.