18 March 2018

Quilts Japan at the New England Quilt Museum

Miiko Kuwahara, I want to be a Tree.

In March a friend and I visited the New England Quilt Museum to take in Quilts Japan, on view through April 21, 2018. This exhibit features 35 quilts from the biannual competition sponsored by the Japan Handicraft Instructors' Association (JHIA).  As always, the workmanship is outstanding, and many of the quilts bring an imaginative spin to traditional patterns. Japan has a very large cohort of quilters and a long history of exceptional artistry in textile arts.  To my delight, many of the quilts in the show are hand-quilted.

Here, in no particular order, are some images from the exhibit.

I want to be a Tree, detail.

Ayumi Asano, Good Luck.

Good Luck, detail.

Visitors of all ages enjoy the show.

Miyuki Kuwahara, A Summer Afternoon.

Akiko Sumiyoshi, Round Dance.

Round Dance, detail.

Yuko Maekawa, Ring.

Ring, detail.

Yoko Kagegama, Sparkling until the End.

Takako Kita, Oriental Baltimore.

Oriental Baltimore, detail.

Makiko Nakamura, Under the Eternal Starlit Sky.

Under the Eternal Starlit Sky, detail.

Seiko Hasumoro, Prayer for Peace.

Prayer for Peace, detail.

Takako Iwai, Circulation.

Circulation, corner detail.

Toshii Naoi, A Corridor of Memories, detail.

Meiko Hara, Spinning a Happy Moment.

Toshiko Tanaka, Peony Flower.

Peony Flower, detail.

Hikeko Ozawa, Nostalgia.

Mikiko Narita, Cool Breeze.

Cool Breeze, detail.

Mami Noda, Fragments of Snow.

Fragments of Snow, detail.

Norika Sakurai, Raindrops.

Harue Konishi, SYO #80.

SYO #80, detail.

Takako Oikawa, When Night Melts into Morning.

Keiko Ohno, Triangles to My Heart's Content.

Triangles to My Heart's Content, detail.

Hitsuko Kawano, Endless Waves.

Endless Waves, detail.