20 February 2012

Tammis Keefe website launched!

Silk-screen print designs by Keefe - handkerchiefs!
 In the words of the late Meg Greenfield, ground-breaking writer and editor at The Washington Post, "the fifties are a badly researched and badly reported time." (Quoted in New York in the 50's, by Dan Wakefield.)  Popular cultural history about the 1950's often places too much emphasis on the extremes of "atomic" design and the excesses of consumerism - the era is reduced to an effulgence of drip paintings, plywood chairs, avocado appliances and boomerang motif Formica.

Partly to help illuminate another side of the 1950's design legacy, but primarily because I love her work, my husband and I have created a website celebrating the work of an artist active in the 1950's who deserves to be better known - Tammis Keefe.  Learn more about Keefe, and see some of her delightful designs, here:
Tammis Keefe (1913-1960) 
Photo of Keefe credit: http://makingitfun.blogspot.com/2010/11/tribute-to-tammis-keefe.html