23 July 2012

Sylvia Einstein at The City Quilter

The Gallery is near the Fashion Institute of Technology.
In this post I share my blog with guest Sylvia Einstein, an internationally-recognized member of my quilt guild whose work I have admired for years.  From July 10 until August 25, an exhibit of Sylvia's work, titled Let Fabric Speak, can be seen at The ArtQuilt Gallery. The gallery is associated with The City Quilter store, located at 133 West 25th St., between 7th and 6th Avenues, in Manhattan.

All photos in this post are by Sylvia, unless otherwise noted.

Sylvia's art quilts.
 Sylvia, who is a marvelous lecturer and teacher as well as artist, is originally from Switzerland and made her first quilt during the Bicentennial celebrations of 1975-6, embracing, in her words, this "very American art form."

Left to right: Dialogue, Le Monde, and Himmelsleiter.
Sylvia is, in some way, a traditional quilter, as she utilizes readily-available commercial fabrics, eschews complicated machine quilting, and has a block-based approach to composition. However, those blocks are fractured, the curves are realigned, and geometry is delightfully skewed as the fabrics dynamically interact with each other, in ways planned and serendipitous.

More images of Sylvia's quilts can be seen at her website, http://www.sheinstein.addr.com/Index.html