24 September 2013

Brimfield Antiques Show 2013

Jessica Rabbit is sexier than Monty Hall - remember him?
When: September 3 - 8, 2013 (also in May and July of every year)
Begun: 1959
Visitors: approximately 130,000
Dealers: about 6,000 leasing space in 23 fields from show "promoters"
Where: Route 20, Brimfield, Massachusetts, about 1 hour west of Boston

What we saw: flow-blue china, Wedgwood, Bakelite jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, antique silver tea sets, pie safes, an Enigma de-coding machine, old lamps, hooked rugs, ticking fabric, barkcloth drapes, a Moby Dick weathervane sold for $4,000, comic books, Pyrex bakeware, old quilts, modern furniture, Purvis Young paintings, beer steins, old skateboards, truly odd candlesticks, hand-painted farm cupboards, hand-painted china plates, hand-painted ties, hand-painted doorstops, paintings, prints, posters, antique buttons, antique dolls, old garden furniture, old garden ornaments and fountains, Oriental ceramics, Oriental rugs, old bicycles, old birdcages, old vinyl records, old clothes.

A toy car goes to a new home.

No shortage of cat-themed tchotchkes and ornaments.

Enamel steins.

Dancing rabbits, old plaids, needlepoint chairs.

Food break - not for those on a diet!

A man and his doorstops.

Bone and ivory Asian carvings.

In case you are separated from your group, have a "meet-up" plan.

My Dad gave away my Batman comics when I wasn't looking - aargh!

Lots of Bakelite jewelry.

The successful bargain-hunter comes prepared - hat, sturdy footwear and wagon.

Finally, remember to put the car in drive, not reverse.