17 October 2014

Lego Americana Roadshow at the Natick Mall

Our nation's capitol.

While shopping at the Natick Mall, DH and I ran into something completely unexpected: the Lego Americana Roadshow.  For a short period of time, October 19 through November 2, rather amazing models of historic buildings and structures made with Lego bricks are on display.   So, if you are a Lego fan, don't delay. Stop by the Lego play area on the Lower Level Infinity Pool Court and pick up a map so you don't miss any of the creations.

I'll let the images speak for themselves.  (On view but not shown: Jefferson Memorial. Not a political statement; just didn't get a good shot.)

Capitol model from above.

Lego play area, on the upper level.

Play area.

Supreme Court.

Supreme Court from above.

White House.

Statue of Liberty.

Independence Hall.

Old North Church, bathed in sunlight.

Old North Church, detail.

Right, Lincoln Memorial, detail. Left, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.