25 December 2015

Holiday Cheer

1950's holiday card designed by Tammis Keefe.

I'll begin this post with a big "thank you" to all my blog readers for visiting this site throughout the year. It's been a privilege to share my adventures with you, and I hope this blog has been helpful, instructive or entertaining in some way.

Above is a vintage card by artist Tammis Keefe (1913 - 1960), the focus of my collecting hobby, and whose birthday is December 27 (she'd be 102 this year.)  The card was published by the imprint "Irene Dash," originally part of the Associated American Artists group. This consortium of artists sought to bring art to the masses and is the focus of a new book and exhibit.  Evidently a successor firm still publishes the holiday cards, including another one by Keefe.

December found DH and I babysitting in Manhattan, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather as well as the holiday lights and decorations.  Whatever one's beliefs, the bright colors and lights are a tonic for the sunlight-deprived during these short winter days.

Tree guard on Madison Ave.

Outside a restaurant.

Apartment building near the Metropolitan Museum.

Joy and peace to all.