04 May 2010

Summer Dance quilt

Kaffe Fassett's Floral Dance fabric.

I'm testing out my new Janome portable sewing machine by piecing a new quilt top, using a fabric and pattern I've utilized before.

2008 nine-patch quilt featuring Floral Dance fabric in another colorway.
The name of this quilt is "Carnival."

Detail of Carnival.

Another detail of quilt.
It was expertly machine quilted by Laurena McDermott.

Her website:

Fabric is aligned under my old parallel rule on my drafting board.
Pieces are marked using drafting triangles.

High-quality masking tape holds fabric in place.

I still prefer scissors, not the rotary cutter, for large pieces.

Handy table for fast layout of triangles.

For measuring the size of the triangles on the edges and corners, I use an old article from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, called "Taking the Math Out". All the calculations involving the square root of two and adding a seam allowance are already done. I like math, and can certainly do the arithmetic myself, but it's quick and handy to use the table. For example, the size of the finished block in this quilt is 9". The corner triangles are created by drafting a 14" inch square and then cutting along the diagonals. When stitched, this will give a finished size, along the hypotenuse, of 9".

Quilt in progress.
Solid squares are handy on the ironing board.

I've combined the lush floral print with eleven of Fassett's shot cottons, and will move the pieces around on the felt until the colors work, then start stitching. Working title is "Summer Dance".