02 April 2016

Quinobequin Guild Quilt Show

Elinor Nelson, Diamond Rainbow.

The always-fabulous bi-annual Quinobequin Quilters' show opened its two-day run on Friday, April 1.  As befits April Fool's Day, some of the quilts feature light-hearted subject matter (see giraffe, below).  All the quilts were a delight; those featured in this blog will give an idea of the variety of artwork on display.

Marlene Thurston, Love from Above, based on a design by Charley Harper.

Enjoying the quilts.

Evy Megerman, Johanna's Joyous Jungle.

Evy Megerman made the animal-themed quilt above for a 4-year-old granddaughter - lucky girl!  Although the quilt label did not discuss technique, I think the blocks were created using the paper piecing technique.  Another quilter employed this method, which ensures very accurate assembly, in the quilt below, which was machine-quilted by Mary Ann Zonnenshine.

Jane Evans, Amanda's Quilt, "Tumbler" pattern by Four Paws Quilting.

Amanda's Quilt, detail.

Other wonderful pieced quilts just glowed with color.  Kaffe Fassett's striped fabrics were cut and sewn to make the "handkerchief corner" blocks of the quilt below.

Winnie Wong, Around the Corners with 30 Strips 2.

Marleen Kroll, Tula Pink meets Paula Nadelstern.

Fabrics designed by quilting world royalty, Tula Pink and Paula Nadelstern, were used to great affect in the quilt above, machine quilted by Concessa Shearer.  It's hard to see in my image, but the grayish sashing fabric is metallic, and makes a wonderful contrast with the black borders of each square block.

It's tempting, of course, to touch artwork which has so much tactile appeal, but the friendly white-glove hostesses are there to show off the backs of the quilts - often as fun as the front - and keep the quilts in pristine condition. 

A reminder.

CharAnn Brown, Vintage Timing.

 It was hard to resist touching the quilt above, made from a pattern by Jen Kingwall, "Steampunk".  There's a lot to see in this artwork, and a real sense of motion and energy.

Vintage Timing, detail.

Red, white and blue never goes out of style, and the patriotic quilt is a time-honored tradition. The quilt below is a Minick and Simpson pattern, "Birmingham Stripe", #1304, and was machine quilted by Concessa Shearer.

Carol Miller, Strips.

Great quilts come in all sizes.

In honor of the spring season, the last two images feature floral themes, both done with applique but very different in flavor.

Charlotte Surgenor, My Whimsical Quilt Garden, details.

Linda Evans, Bud Garden, detail. From a pattern by Lisa Bongean.