17 October 2010

Apple-picking at Nashoba

Apple harvest.

In early October, my daughter came up to Massachusetts to attend a wedding and we had a family outing to our favorite pick-your-own orchard, Nashoba Valley Winery, in Bolton. Their website is: http://www.nashobawinery.com/
We've been making family pilgrimages here since the kids were little to pick peaches, raspberries and apples, in season. At one point, previous owners of the orchard diversified into fruit wines; the current owners have added a micro-brewery and restaurant as well. Although we like the alcoholic offerings - try the raspberry wine - our focus remains on the fruit.

Visitors picnicking outside the retail store complex.

Cider donut with caramel sauce. I didn't share.

There's also a snack stand with donuts, drinks, etc. The joint was jumping, as the weather gods provided a classic New England sunny, sweatshirt kind of day.

Trees loaded with apples.

Jay carries the apple tote.

The air is sweet with apple aroma.

A view down the row.

We filled our tote very quickly.

Collage of three different apple varieties.

Julia and friend Bryan.

Julia next to the apple tree.

An old, old tree, still bearing.

The fruit of our labors, safely strapped in for the journey home.

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