26 October 2010

Newton Farmers' Market

A collage of gourds, purple and green kale,
and a farmer with her many-colored carrots.

On Tuesday I made my usual trip to the weekly Newton Farmers' Market, at Cold Spring Park. It's feast of color, especially in the fall. Market hours and schedule can be reviewed here:

While spring and summer flowers are usually considered nature's beauty queens, in autumn veggies steal the show. Lots of color palette ideas on view.

More images, including brussel sprouts in a backpack.

Since Newton has early school dismissal on Tuesday there are always lots of children, not to mention dogs. One vendor sells doggie treats. The range of goods has evolved way beyond tomatoes and spuds - one can buy fresh fish, handmade goat milk soap, frozen turkey pies and gourmet popcorn.

Some vendors picked up the Halloween theme. Bringing your own bag is a good idea - the shopper in the lower right is well-prepared to stow her purchases.

The "witch" in the center of the collage above is selling aromatic flavored vinegars from Cheshire Garden, which I've used in cooking for years. They do mail order: http://www.cheshiregarden.com/

Another farmer whose produce I particularly like is pictured in the upper right corner of the collage above. This is Alan, one of the brothers from Nicewicz Farm (pronounced Nishway) in Bolton, Massachusetts. Their blueberries and peaches are terrific and they have pick your own, although I haven't yet visited the farm in person. Looks interesting though, and more information about their farm can be found at http://www.nicewiczfarm.com/index.htm. The website may be a bit out of date, so always a good idea to call ahead.

The market re-opens after July 5, 2011; I'll be there.