19 October 2010

Rising Star Quilt Show 2010

Details of some of the wonderful quilts at this show.
From left to right, quilts are by Peggy Boning, Lisa Welter and Ginny Leonardos.

Inside, and outside, Cary Hall.

This week-end I went to Lexington, to the annual quilt show of the Rising Star quilt guild, whose membership overlaps significantly with my guild. As I've said before, Americans may be bowling alone, but we're quilting together. This is a nicely done show, with vendors, food (great bakers in this guild) and even a scissor-sharpening station. More about this guild can be found on their website: http://www.risingstarquilters.org/

Quilt by Penny Sander.

One of my favorite quilts is one that interacts with the viewer, and is based on an optical illusion designed by Italian scientist Baingio Pinna. Enlarge the image by clicking on it, and, while focused on the central black button, move your head either directly forwards or backwards. The wheels should spin.

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